How do I start a new language?

It is always a miracle when a new language of the comic book Jesus Messiah becomes available. Prayers are answered when people are introduced to Jesus in words and images that speak to their hearts.⁣ ⁣In order to print a new language edition, a number of steps are necessary:

1. Making a plan

A plan is needed to distribute the books. Who is going to do that? With whom is there collaboration in the respective language area?

2. Cost

Money is needed for translation, print preparation and printing. Who are going to be approached for that?

Printing a comic book costs between 1.50 and 3 euros, depending on the print run. For the first 1000 books, about 1000 Euros are needed for translation and print preparation and about 3000 Euros for printing.

3. Guidance

Once these two action points are taken, then we can be contacted for guidance on the process from translation to print delivery.

4. Translation

The comic strip needs to be translated. This requires skilled people who are native speakers and are familiar with the Bible. Who will do that?

5. Placement of text

The text must be typed into a template by the translators. We provide the digital files of the cover and interior where the texts can be inserted.

6. Final check

All pages must be checked by the translators before they are made print-ready by the designer or printer.

7. Press

Once the print run has been determined, the money is available and the digital files have been prepared, printing can begin. This is usually done in the country in question. Who is going to print? Who gives the printing order and is responsible for the books?

8. Delivery

Where can the comic books be delivered?

9. Distribute

How does the distribution of the comic books get started?

Process Supervisor

Christiaan Nieuwenhuize

If steps 1 and 2 are clear (plan and money), Christiaan Nieuwenhuize, the process supervisor for all translations, can be contacted. He works full time at Wycliffe Bible Translators for the international comic book project. Christiaan provides the template needed to use in translation. He also guides the next steps and helps ensure the quality of the result.

Contact Christiaan Nieuwenhuize:

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