About the creator

Willem de Vink

Willem de Vink was good at drawing and he loved Jesus. He dreamed of his comic book going around the world.

As a child, Willem de Vink envisioned his testimony going around the world. In his adult life as an illustrator, writer and preacher, he learned that the comic strip is a visual language that is understood throughout the world. At least, if you keep the text and drawings simple. So he started making a comic book about Jesus.

Missionary Anne van der Bijl said, “If you speak a world language, the world is open to you.” William mastered a unique world language!

To make the comic, he had to put aside his other work. He trusted God to provide for his young family. Publishers did not like his idea, so he had no idea how the comic book could be printed. Yet it became possible, thanks to a gift from a woman born in 1899 who liked his idea.

The comic book Jesus Messiah was printed and launched in 1993 at the Pentecostal Conference of Revival. In addition to Dutch, English, Albanian and Russian were also released that year. Now it is read in 220 languages. Initiatives are being taken everywhere to further spread the gospel with this book.

Willem talks about his vision, “We have all become global citizens, but we have no idea how to be connected in peace. Jesus teaches us what it takes to do that. Therefore, everyone should have the chance to know His simple and humble love. My book helps that tremendously.”

Willem and his wife Marian established the World Language Foundation for the comic book project. They make their footage available free of charge, to make as many initiatives possible. They themselves live on donations.

They find their life motto in these words of Jesus:

“Not you have chosen Me, but I have chosen you, and I have destined you to go and bear fruit, and your fruit to remain, that whatever you ask of the Father in My name, He may give it to you. (John 15:16)

Willem and Marian de Vink have continued to draw, write and preach. You can find their texts, drawings, sermons, articles, meditations and all their books on their website.

Willem de Vink, maker van Jezus Messias

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