Yes, I want to help!

With 30 euros, for example, we can already print ten comic books. A new language requires a starting amount of 3,000 euros. We are grateful for every contribution.

What will happen with my donation?

Each comic book plants a seed of Jesus’ love in a reader’s heart. We welcome everyone who helps sow!

Your donation is used entirely to print comic books for a specific language area. In doing so, you help introduce people in all parts of the world to Jesus so that they will understand what He means to them.

One-time contributions are used for printing so that as many books as possible can be distributed.

Fixed monthly contributions are used to support the staff in their living expenses so that the work can continue.

This policy has not changed since the founding of the World Language Foundation in 1989. Board and staff are grateful to see the fruit of it.

Stichting Wereldtaal has ANBI status, donations are tax deductible (only in the Netherlands).