In Eswatini (Swaziland), 100,000 comic books are distributed. They are read as far away as the most remote villages.

Jesus Messiah in Eswatini, Swaziland, Africa
God gave Leo Baan in his heart to think big for the country where he and his wife Jill have lived and worked for over 10 years. Eswatini is a most beautiful country, with beautiful, precious people. It used to be one of the poorest countries in the world, full of corruption and witchcraft, but God has done an amazing work in this country. The worst drought in history had the country on its knees and God has answered many prayers. A corrupt government was replaced by many born again Christians, and the change has been incredible.

Leo envisioned how young people would take to the gospel thanks to the comic book, the complete story of Jesus in pictures! November 2019 he was in the Netherlands for a week. He was allowed to tell Groot Nieuws Radio his vision. To his story, a father and a son responded with a generous donation because God spoke to their hearts. Now he could go to press!
Leo Baan and his teams, together with many mission organisations and churches have now distributed 100,000 comic books throughout the country. He himself travels with it to police stations, prisons, hospitals, borders, the airport, businesses, aid stations, churches and government buildings. Helicopters from Mercy Air also bring large quantities of books to the most remote villages. (over 150 destinations) Leo himself also likes to hand them out to schoolchildren. Important, he believes, especially now that young people and even children, influenced by groups outside the country are engaging in mass resistance to the king.

Leo Baan

‘Jesus Messiah is a huge blessing to our country and it has a tremendous impact,” Leo said. He explains, “Our country has experienced a very troubled time. We have never experienced that here before. Two members of parliament who resisted have been thrown in jail, a third is on the run. He is the pastor of a church. One day I went to Mbabane and decided to bring extra comic books Jesus Messiah in the car. On the way in Phuzamoya there was a man who wanted a lift up to Manzini. He turned out to be an acquaintance of the MP who fled. I asked him about the political situation. He told me it was all the fault of the king, who takes everything from the people and gives nothing back. According to him, a political transformation is needed. Then I gave him a copy of Jesus Messiah, and told him that this country needs a spiritual transformation. The next hour was a time of transformation. I told him of the transformations I had seen in schools, prisons, farms and in so many individuals who came to know Jesus through the comic book. I told him I would also bring comic books to the MP’s church. “The transformation starts with you, Patrick!” I said. When we finally arrived in Manzini, Patrick was a transformed man.
On the way back, I stopped in at the police station. It is the command post that is much in the news in our country. The station is under tremendous pressure. The station commander said that he had two minutes for me. It became and half hour, we prayed together and I was able to leave comic books for every police officer there.

At many of the police stations I’ve been told that this book could not have come in a better time.

At the end of 2022 we have visited over 100 schools in the HhoHho province (the North West Province in Eswatini) and over 25.000 books of Jesus Messiah have been distributed personally. To look in the eyes of these children when handing out the books have been the most blessed time in my life. At times it was very difficult to hold back the tears.

Jesus Messiah is probably the biggest blessing to Eswatini and has a tremendous impact!

In 2023 we are planning to visit every primary school in Eswatini.’