There are more than 80 language editions in circulation in this country. People who read the comic book start new churches. Another 80 translations are ready.

In various places in India, evangelists are being trained to work with the comic book. They go around villages on their mopeds, looking for someone interested in Jesus. Who gets a comic book, to read with family and neighbors. The following week, the evangelist returns with comic books for those who also want to know more about Jesus. This is how house churches are created.

Jesus Messiah - Children with the comic book

School children can attend classes in their care and school centers. Some of the upper class children received the Jesus Messiah comic book in their Bengali language. Their parents are all illiterate. They took the comic book to their homes and looked at the pictures all the time at home. One of the mothers also wanted to hear these stories about Jesus. She got very excited when the girl read the stories aloud. She then called eleven other women in her neighborhood to come and listen as well. For three months this group met and every afternoon the girl had to read the stories aloud. At that time, the girl also began to read the plain Bible aloud. Today there is a small house church. An evangelist teaches them every Saturday. On Sunday, he will visit two other groups. They want to be baptized and become a real church together.

We were able to distribute many Jesus Messiah comic books to our Hindu neighbors. In the remote villages where we have recently established churches, we did not only have to contend with disease. Thousands of people also lost their homes due to a cyclone. We prayed to the Lord that He would give us resources to help them. With the help we received, we were able to provide daily food, tarpaulin, clean water tablets and baby food. But our greatest joy was being able to hand out Jesus Messiah comic books. In recent months we have witnessed many young believers being baptized. These people all received the gospel for the first time thanks to this comic book.

Thanks to the picture book, people can better empathize with the miracles of the Lord Jesus and His crucifixion. They become attached to it and devote themselves to Him.