Jesus Messiah is stirring up a lot. There are testimonies from all kinds of countries around the world.

"Last Sunday I stepped up to a couple in church who were unknown to me. What turns out? The man was given the comic book by someone at work. On the way home, he stopped by the side of the road and started reading. "This is it," he thought. And on the spot he decided to give his life to Jesus!"

"I was in darkness, this book brought light into my life. It has taught me to live purely. We must love one another and help the needy."

"Here, the comic book is enjoyed. I saw a sister translating the French text for her sister into an Arabic dialect. One of those two also became our sister. Beautiful huh?"

"This story grows to a climax, with a call to follow Jesus, just as the gospel has been passed down through the ages. The best we have for evangelism."

"We gave 80 comic books to children in a children's home. They were immediately viewed and read enthusiastically. A 10-year-old boy came to show us the next day that he had put the book under his pillow with his precious belongings."

"I use the comic book a lot. Gives entrance to all tribes and age groups, including Muslims who are the majority in some areas. I organize quizzes in the villages with a comic book as the grand prize. I tell them that Jesus is the real grand prize."

"The book and the pictures really helped me understand everything. It has deepened my faith and helps me to walk with the Lord Jesus. It has brought me closer to God."

"My work is a golden opportunity to give something about faith to children who don't receive anything at home. Therefore, the desire arose in me to give Jesus Messiah. The children were allowed to write something about this. One girl's reaction especially moved me. She wrote, "God, You are a treasure!" What joy there will be in heaven if it made me so happy already!"

"I grew up here in India with the many gods of Hinduism. I was studying to be a teacher. But during my studies, I completely lost my belief in a god. Until I got my hands on the comic book Jesus Messiah at a community center in our neighborhood. I was very critical of the Christian faith, but then it happened: I was immediately touched by the content of this book. I noticed that this God really loved me! I kept reading Jesus Messiah over and over and got answers to my questions about God. For me as an atheist, Jesus Messiah was a great beginning. I grant that to all atheists!"

"The comic book has already been translated into several languages here. My colleague mentioned how two of those languages are used in Sunday school in all the churches. Children were challenged by it and began to behave differently. They were more obedient and they promised not to steal again. Teachers at school noticed a difference. The public schools heard about this and they too started using the book in their schools, with the same result."

"You have no idea how many doors will open with this comic book. It produces so many special reactions. Along the way, even my speeding ticket was waived when I gave the officers a book. But it's the little stories that touch me. I spoke to a female police officer who has two children. She told me that every night before they go to bed they say to her, "Tell us from the book mom, tell us from the book!" "So," she told me, "every night I have to read to my children from Jesus Messiah." Personally, this touches my heart - this is the most beautiful thing you can hear. Children in the middle of nowhere, wanting to hear about Jesus before bed, that's hope for the future!"

"God is leading us to the right people to speak about Jesus. We had a comic book in the Marathi language with us and we knew we had to give it to this man. The shepherd told us that he could read and write a little. Very special, because in this area there are few people who can read and write. The shepherd immediately began reading and was very happy. He was going to read it to his children that night and show them all the pictures about Jesus. Great how God led us to this man."

"On Sunday, April 20, the comic book "Jesus Messiah" was presented to the Kabiye, a people group in Togo, West Africa. The presentation became a festive event, involving several hundred Christians, dozens of church leaders and about five church choirs. So the festive service ended with a burst of song and music."

"Johan Amooide lives in the beautiful village of Guyaba in the interior of Suriname. He received a Jesus Messiah comic book from his school teacher (in Suriname the comic book is distributed through the schools). Johan was immediately attracted to the bright colors of the book. He was surprised that the book was published in the Saramaccan language that he, his friends, and his parents speak. Normally he has to try very hard at school when trying to read in the Dutch language. This book he read much more easily. He doesn't have to put a lot of energy into this to understand it. Johan's class is instructed by the teacher to read the Jesus Messiah comic book as homework. The next day, the teacher asks the students what they like in the book. Johan is the first to answer. He says, "That man named Jesus went to the cross for all the sins of the world." The teacher asks Johan if Jesus also died for his sins, and Johan replies, "Yes.""