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Impact in the Netherlands

Almost every year the Dutch version of Jesus Messiah is reprinted. The comic book works as a powerful testimony.

300,000 comic books were distributed in elementary schools (the Basic version) during the Class 2000 campaign. Teachers used it to explain what Easter means.

Jesus Messiah was translated and published in Frisian by evangelists in Friesland, in Limburg by the Diocese of Roermond, and in Zeeland by the Diocese of Breda.

To accompany the comic book, Willem and Marian created a textbook called Best Friend. In it, children learn even more about Jesus. They follow His life as described in the four gospels, learn about prophecies about Him in the Old Testament, and discover what He can mean in their daily lives.

Willem de Vink drew 24 color plates to accompany the comic book.

The comic book was also released on social media in 30 short videos with narrated text.

The comic is currently being videotaped with sign language for the deaf and hard of hearing.


De impact van het stripboek Jezus Messias

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