The creators provide the footage of Jesus Messiah free of charge. Many make grateful use of that…

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Use the comic book Jesus Messiah to introduce people to the gospel before the Bible is ready in their language. They do this in various countries in Africa and Asia. They also coordinate all translations. Someone is working on that full time.

SIL International

Uses the comic books for reading instruction.

EO Metterdaad

Enabled the distribution of comic books in Serbia and Kosovo.

Bible Society in Israel

Offers it on the street in mobile book carts.

Palestinian Bible Society

Brings the books to the West Bank and Gaza.


Has supplied churches with it in Russia and the former Soviet countries, complete with Bible classes. Dorcas was also active with the comic books in Albania.

People International

Distributed comic books in Central Asian countries.

Scripture Union

Made the comic book available to France and French-speaking countries in Africa.

Mercy Air

Brings the books in helicopters to remote areas in Africa.


Has taken comic books further in their planes.

Christ's Hope

Works with it among the poorest children in Africa.


Managed the Dutch edition of the comic book between 2005 and 2017.


(the publishing arm Proclama) managed the comic book editions between 1993 and 2005 and distributed the comic book (the Basic version) to schoolchildren in the Netherlands and Suriname with the action Klas 2000. 


Has used the books in relief efforts in South Africa.

Operation Mobilization

Gave thousands of books into the hands of Muslims who were on their way back to their home countries during the vacation months.


Distributes the footage on videos in various languages over the Internet for viewing on social media.

Tele Vie Deo

Does the same for languages in Africa.


Uses the videos and helps print comic books.

Bible Society

Supplies for promotions large numbers of comic books at low prices.


has created a special teaching package and uses the film clips in Indonesia in several languages.

Open Doors

Has made comic books available in several countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

Youth With A Mission

Works with the books in Mozambique.

KMM India

KMM India

Distributes the books in dozens of languages in India

Ark Mission

Has made comic books possible for various countries.

The Dutch Reformed Church

Provided books for the Zulu people in South Africa.

Swazi Vision

Distributes thousands of comic books in Eswatini.

And further...

Private initiatives are bringing the books to even more countries.

Secret remains some initiatives when comic books are distributed in areas “closed” to the gospel.