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Impact through film clips

Twenty-one short film clips were made from the cartoon. Now people can also get to know Jesus through social media.

Documentary filmmaker Henk Dokter lived with the desire to make a film about Jesus. But how do you do that, without turning it into an extremely expensive production? Suddenly he knew. The footage was already in place and so were the broadcast opportunities. The pictures of Jesus Messiah and all the possibilities that social media offers!

Willem de Vink made the drawings of Jesus Messiah available and Henk Dokter made 21 short films of them. These are offered to all kinds of media organizations. They have already been voiced in 25 languages and are spreading around the world. And more languages are already being spoken.

People everywhere have mobile phones. To the farthest corners of the world, people can now get to know Jesus on their screens.


The comic book as a universal language

Jesus is so important that He should be known to everyone, everywhere. That is why we want to make the comic book Jesus Messiah available in all languages.

De impact van het stripboek Jezus Messias

Help give Jesus Messiah to many more people!