The comic book as a universal language

Jesus is so important that He should be known to everyone, everywhere. That is why we want to make the comic book Jesus Messiah available in all languages.

The comic book was created to introduce people around the world to Jesus. His life is depicted in simple images and texts. As a result, it can be easily understood even by those with low reading skills. It touches people in their hearts.

Willem and Marian de Vink make their materials available free of charge to ensure that as many enable initiatives. Gift givers help make small and large print runs.

Jesus Messiah breaking bread

‘The offspring shall serve Him, and be attributed to the Lord unto generations. They will come and proclaim His righteousness to the people who will be born, for He has done it.’ (Psalm 22:32)

Jesus Messiah crucifixion

Help give Jesus Messiah to many more people!